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Full text of "Paintings of Iceland by Kristjan H. Magnusson: Worcester Art Museum, April fifteenth to May fifteenth, 1933."

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April Fifteenth to May Fifteenth ? 1933 

TT is indeed refreshing in this day of super-intellec- 
"*■ tual art to find a young painter with the courage 
and sensitiveness to paint what he sees. Kris tj an H. 
Magnusson has not only been faithful to the beauties 
of his native island but has interpreted with a broad 
sympathy the poetry of changing skies upon the bleak 
rock and ice formations of the Icelandic landscape. 
He brings us a completely new and unsophisticated 
appreciation of nature, untroubled by the limitations 
of school or fashion. One feels that he has been too 
busy with painting to subject himself to the inevitable 
introspective scrutiny which challenges the artist of 
our larger European and American communities; and 
in this freedom of the spirit he has carried our imagina- 
tion back to simpler times and places where our own 
language and customs found their epic origin. 

Born in Isafjordur, Iceland, in 1903 where he now 
lives, Mr. Magnusson attended the Massachusetts 
School of Art from 1921-1926. He has exhibited in 
this country at the National Academy of Design in 
New York, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine 
Arts and with the American Federation of Arts. 
His first one-man show was held at the Copley 
Gallery in Boston in 1927. Since his return to Iceland 
his work has become more and more indigenous in 
feeling. In the two exhibitions in London at the 
Alpine Club, 1930, and at the Fine Arts Society, 1931, 
his work received the spontaneous acclaim of the 
Press which was echoed again in his exhibition in 
Stockholm in 1932. 

F. H. T. 



1 The Storm 

2 Midwinter, Isafjordur 

3 Surf 

4 Icelandic Farm 

5 Almannagja, Thingvellir 

6 Almannagja, Winter 

7 Lavarock 

8 A Northern Mountain 

9 Snowstorm at Isafjord 

10 Hrafnabjorg, Thingvellir 

11 December Noon 

12 Winter Landscape 

13 Storm Clouds 

14 Mt. Hekla 

15 Surf 

16 Winter Sun 

17 From Thingvellir 

18 Cold Day 

19 Volcanic Landscape 

20 Snaefellsj0kull 

21 An Old Volcano 

22 Mrs. K. H. Magnusson 

23 Portrait Sketch 

24 Country Girl 

25 Falling Snow 


26 Dalfjall 

27 West Coast 

28 Small Harbor 

29 ljosufj0ll